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Dear Mama

Dear Mama,

First,It's your birthday!! Yay!! Happy 60th birthday! Now on to something I want to share with you.

Sometimes it hard to articulate feelings. Feelings can run so deep that when you begin to type, speak or even think of them like I am right heart is pounding, breathe deepening and tears welling up in my eyes. I realize that I am so blessed. I remember reading an article that spoke about how as babies we pick our parents while we're still in the spiritual realm. It was very interesting to me because it made me wonder why in the world would some of these babies pick the parents they chose?

Then it dawned on me, if the belief is true, we pick our parents because we see the best qualities, the potential and the gifts that we will surely need to journey through this life. I can see so clearly why I chose you as my mommy. You are kind and giving. You are strong and resilient. Mommy, you are brave and beautiful! There is no way, God could have sent me to anyone else. Everything that you are,made me everything that I am. Your story could have ended like most statistically speaking but you beat so many odds, time and time again! You set such a good example for Charnae and I. I can honestly say that the agape love that God is.. you have shown it to me time and time again. I appreciate you and respect you so much.

I realize that not every little girl or boy hasn't been blessed to have a mother like you. I am grateful and extremely proud to be called your daughter. Our relationship has had it's good, bad and ugly but through it all you have been consistent. You have been my encourager,my reminder of my greatness and my friend. Every prayer, every lecture and every butt whooping is appreciated!( I didn't get many,just to let ya'll Every lesson, word of positive affirmation and every word of God you have spoken over me from birth until now,I carry in my heart. I feel in my spirit and in my bones. Thank you!

As you celebrate 60 years on Earth I wish you many more years, blessings beyond your wildest dreams and more love than you can imagine. Today is your day. You are loved and I honor you! Thank you for who you are and all that you do!

I love You! Happy Birthday Mama!