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Strawberry Fruit Leather(Roll-up)Recipe

I'm a true 80's born, 90's raised kid! Do you remember coming home after school and heading straight to the kitchen for a afternoon snack? Well, that was a ritual for my sister and myself. We would change out of our school clothes and hit the kitchen up for a snack to eat while we did our homework. Fruit Rollups were a must have in our house but they seemed to last!

Now that I have children of my own I try to find fun creative snacks that we can make. Below you will find a recipe strawberry fruit leather aka fruit rollups. You can use whatever fruit you'd like. We happen to have strawberries on hand. This is also a great recipe because there are ONLY 3 ingredients! Super simple and delicious.

If you try this recipe. Leave a comment and let me know how it turns out!

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Prep:15 minutes

Cook:6 hours

Total:6 hours 15minutes


2-3 cups of strawberries or fruit of choice.

2-3 Tbsps. honey (can sub sugar or sugar-substitute)

2 Tbsps. lemon juice


1. Blend: Blend fruit in food processor or blender until smooth. Mix in sweetener and lemon juice.

2. Spread: Pour into a pan lined with plastic wrap or parchment paper then spread out ⅛ to ¼ inch thick.

3.Dehydrate: Dehydrate in oven at 140 to 170 degrees F (or as low as oven will go) for 4 to 6 hours, or until the middle is not longer tacky.

4.Cool: Allow to cool, then remove from sheet. With clean scissors, trim off edges then cut into 1 inch wide strips. Wrap with strips of parchment or tissue paper, then use tape or string to seal.

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