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Inhale, Exhale...Just Breathe...

Let's chat a moment. This series about breathing was birth from my own personal expereinces. I realized my breath played a significant part in me either pushing through a work out, a frutrating conversation or my own mental thoughts. Most- if not all of us are poor observers of our breathing. As I began to study my breathing, I realized I held my breathe when I felt anxious or I was focused a particular task. Through this post my hope is that you, the reader finds atleast one reason to observe your breathing and use these tips to help cultivate an additional method to assist you in elevating your wellness.

Observing your breath cultivates self-awareness

Your breath reflects what you think and how you feel.

Notice your breath takes on a deep, rhythmic quality when you’re calm and relaxed.

How does that change when you’re excited?

Or when you’re in love, angry or sad?

Pay attention to the tempo and rhythm of your inhalations and exhalations.

When something is out of alignment in our body, our breathing also changes.

Observing your breath focuses your mind

Training yourself to keep your attention on your breath brings a meditative power to the pose and integrates body, mind and being.

Maybe mindfulness geeks had a point.

Why is it when we’re stressed or anxious, people advise us to ‘just breathe?’

The simple act of observing your breathing will alter its flow, and as it alters, so will your ground being.

Yogis practice ujjayi breathing — deep, rhythmic inhalation and exhalations to center themselves and focus inwards.

Block out the noise

Dull the chatter of your mind

Focus within.

This is the power of the breath.

Observing your breath shows how it connects to your thoughts

When you rest in the pause of breath, thoughts disappear; you get present, and new possibilities enter.

Become a spectator to your thoughts by simply observing your breath.

Watch as breath enters and leaves your body.

With breathing, you separate yourself from your thoughts.

You have your thoughts.

Not your thoughts having you.

Breathing by definition is the exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen.

But, yogis see it differently.

Who knew so many insights can be gleamed from an unconscious process in your body?

You don’t need all those fancy meditation apps.

All you need is your breath, a quiet space and a few minutes.

Count slowly from 1 to 5 when you inhale and exhale. Steadily increase the count, ensuring you hit the top (or bottom) of your breath when you finish counting.

Rinse and repeat.

Leave your thoughts,comments and share!! I love to connect with people.

Many Blessings,


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